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Welcome Home

Two more weeks

August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

So there are only two weeks that are left on my mission...weird.  Alencon is an awesome ville.  I am so happy that I was sent here because it has been a great experience so far.  We have a couple of baptismal dates that we got this week and some new amis.  Sadly I won't be here for any of their baptisms but I'm glad I could at least help them.  There is Julie that read the entire Book of Mormon before we even met with her.  It was actually pretty funny.  During one of our render vous I was opening up and stuff and then I turn to Ashcroft and I'm like "so now we're going to explain a bit about the Book of Mormon...wait a've ALREADY READ IT!"  Now she is reading doctrine and covenants and she has a lot of questions.  Very specific ones that can sometimes be extremely difficult to explain.  She started asking about the millennium and what happens to Satan and she thinks really hard.  But it's going very well with her.  She comes to church every week.

And then we have a bunch of other amis but I don't have enough time to write anything else so have a good week.  My comps are awesome and we have a bunch of fun together.  It's awesome!  Elder Vance


July 27, 2015

So I just moved to a beautiful but tiny french ville called Alencon.  We have a car and there are actually three of us.  It is by far the best companionship I have ever been in.  These past four days have honestly felt like a whole transfer in the best of ways.  I have never laughed so much.  I say we are more like brothers.  We got on right off the bat.

Elder Sherren and Elder Ashcroft 
But this week we basically got to know the ville and our amis here.  There is one that is supposed to be baptized before I leave (in 3 weeks!).  But honestly I don't feel like he is ready.  He comes to church every week but he just doesn't seem to understand too well.  I feel like he is doing better though during our lessons.  He also listens to the Book of Mormon every night so he is quite dedicated.  He's also extremely nice to people.

And we have a few other amis here but I won't spend time to explain them because I don't have a lot of time honestly.  But they are cool.  There was also a woman th
at came to church last week because she was interested in the church and we'll be teaching her on Wednesday.  Lots of cool things happening here.  And it is the first ville in my entire mission where when I arrived here there were amis.  Every other ville was like I was opening it.  No one.  So I was really happy about that.

We also spent some time getting to know the 5 MEMBERS here haha.  When I found that out I couldn't help but laugh.  Smallest branch in the mission and there hasn't been a baptism here in five years.  They are actually thinking of closing it down.  So it's up to us to save it and get some more members.  I am so happy that I will be finishing my mission here in Alencon and with my comps.  I couldn't have asked for anything more honestly.  It is bliss.  Have a nice week!  Elder Vance


July 13, 2015
So this week we went to a pretty ville called Dinant.  It was awesome and there were a ton of people there.  When we were contacting, a member that lived there contacted us.  Her name is Nicole and sadly she lives in the middle of the ward boundaries so it takes her about an hour to get to church (still not thaaaattt bad but still).  So she hasn't been for a while but she is a very nice woman.  We also had an exchange with the Elders in Brest.  It was really fun.  We found a Romanian family, a girl from Angola, and an african man who was relatively nice.  It was a good exchange and a nice breather for sure.

It was a good week.  Only five left until I come home.  The time is getting close.  Bonne semaine!  Ciao!

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July 6, 2015


This week we went to a conference in Rennes and I got an IPAD!  It's really cool.  I can show people videos and my family tree and stuff.  What I really like are the new bible videos because they are short and could get people thinking.  And they are in french.

We went to Lamballe with a member and he took us to this reallllyyy cool horse place.  Makes me seriously want a horse.  They can really be beautiful.  And Lamballe is the definition of a french ville.  So nice.

We then went to Lannion to meet a dude that I met on an exchange with a member.  Except he didn't show up...and then he didn't answer the phone.  He had tatoos and piercings.  He didn't say much during the rendezvous but then I called him and he was really excited to see us.  It's sad that he didn't show up.  I'll call him tomorrow though.

Something really funny happened though.  My colleague actually sent a text to the district leader saying "hey we are going to a rendezvous and I'm a little sketched out.  I think he might kidnap us.  If I don't call before 4 then get worried.  PS don't tell Vance.  He is really excited for it."  And then he erased it hahaha.  I found that really funny because the thought actually crossed my mind too.  It was just too weird how he didn't say anything and then he wanted to pick us up from the gare.  But whatever we'll see.

We also moved out of our old apartment completely and we are not officially moved in.  I love this apartment.  Nicest one I've had yet.

We had a lesson with Marie Anna.  She is coming to church next week and is very sweet.  She even listened much better this week.

Also I had some members from Namur visit me which really made my week.  Asians are so awesome!  Bonne semaine!  Elder Vance

at the beach
The Chungs came to visit from Namur:)  They were here for the wedding of Mei's son
Lannion with Elder Sanchez


my apartment

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La semaine de miracles!

June 29, 2015

So this week was what I would call a week of miracles!  We found 11 new amis de l'eglise.  That I think is a record for the mission but I'm not sure.  Anyways, on Saturday we had a rendezvous with Marie Anne.  She has the cutest baby.  We talked about the Plan of Salvation.

We also had a rendezvous with Edgar, the one that I didn't show up to the rendezvous...but this time I did.  And it was awesome!  He listens very well and really tries to understand.  After our amazing lesson about Joseph Smith, his mother came storming in with laundry.  I introduced myself and she was nice.  But then as I kept talking to Edgar she interrupted and said that she doesn't want us to come back because she doesn't want us to manipulate him.  He is seeing a counselor for something and she thinks we are like the jehovas witnesses (ugh not again).  So we're trying to work that one out and have a rendezvous with the mother to discuss our message with her.  But we'll see I guess.

We met a woman during porting that was widowed (I think) and she was very sweet.  Her name is Caroline and she has two adorable little girls that were smiling the whole time.  She told me that she has some serious worries in her life right now.  I wanted to start talking about the Book of Mormon with her but I felt very strongly to talk about the life after this life.  When I asked her her thoughts on it she said, "ya know, that's exactly my worry.  I just have such difficulty in keeping my faith that I'll see them again."  It was a really good moment and we talked for a bit.  Left them with a prayer and will pass by them in a few days.

We also met with a 19 year old couple who are not married.  They know nothing about religion and didn't even know what catholic I tried my hardest to help them.  They listened well and seemed to have a desire to know if God was there.  Sadly at the end of the rendezvous I forgot to give them an engagement!  Ughh.  I can't stand it when I forget things.  So they didn't have any homework this time but next time I won't forget.

We then found Jeanne and Francois.  They are the only africans we are teaching right now and when we gave them the Book of Mormon they were very grateful.  I called them yesterday though and they said they didn't read it.  Hopefully they will read some before our next lesson.

Also while my colleague was on the phone, I decided to contact a man walking by me.  At first he seemed a bit angry but after talking he decided that we could pass by his house and talk to him a bit.  We passed by yesterday and he explained that after death of his wife his life started to fall apart.  He doesn't believe in God anymore.  I told him that I just wanted him to try.  Just to try and pray but he is too stubborn to even do that.  My first actual lesson with a complete atheist in my mission haha.  At the end I decided that the Book of Mormon was a good idea for him because he likes to read and has no electricity.  So when we explained it he listened intently and said he would read it.  Maybe in reading the Book of Mormon he will want to believe again.  We left him with Alma 32 so that should be a good start for him.

And finally we did some contacting in a little ville about an hour from ST. Brieuc with the english members in our ward.  I was with one and while we were walking, he asked me if we could contact a man with tatoos sitting down on the wall.  He looked extremely depressed after I started talking to him. But he listened to everything I said.  He didn't say much.  He thanked me for the Book of Mormon and gave me his address.  But here's what's cool:  He couldn't remember his phone number so I told him to call me when he gets home so we can plan a lesson.  While leaving I thought it would be the last time I saw him but two days later he called us!  That NEVER happens.  He wants us to come back and have a drink with him.  It was extremely cool.  Just goes to show that people can really surprise you haha.

So now that we have all the amis, I'm starting to get a bit tense because I don't want to mess up.  It's hard to try and discern these people's needs but I can see just how possible it is with the Spirit guiding us.  God has given us a big responsibility at St. Brieuc and it's because we wanted it.  When we endure trials and succeed, God blesses us.  And that's about it.  Sorry it's so long.  Oh and we also went to the coast with some members and took some cool pics.  Have a good week!  Au revoir!


Clear water and white sand.  Kind of cold though. 
Exchange with District Leader