Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 1

Hello, I am Therese Vance, Devin's mother. I thought it would be fun to share with everyone pictures and emails from Devin while he is serving an LDS mission in Paris over the next two years. We miss him so much, and just wanted to share this amazing experience he's having with the people who know him. 


I dont have enough time to email all of you individually right now.  The MTC is a lot of fun and I actually have 2 companions. Elder Buxton is from Penn. and Elder Wilgose is from England.  They are both really nice and funny.  My district and I are very close and they're all incredibly nice.  I've learned a ton so far and I can understand almost everything my french teacher says.  There is so much stuff I have to do but on the first two days I was feeling like pulling my brains out because they threw everything at me. I have to write a talk in french every week and we always have to pray in french which is annoying but helpful.  The beds are nice and I'm on the top bunk.  One of the sides doesn't have a bar so I'm scared every night I'm going to roll off and it's going to be awkward. Once I get settled I'll start sending you guys pictures so you can see where I am.  My P-day is on monday and we go to the temple in the morning.   Oh, and use dear elder because that will be a lot easier for me to respond to.  But overall the MTC is a lot of fun and I really enjoy it.  Au revoir!