Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week 2

You may now all call me District Leader Vance :) So all of you have been wondering what we do at the MTC and here is an average schedule for the weekdays.
-3 hr french class
-2 hr study time (personal or language)
-study time
-3 hr french class
-study time
9:30 return to the residence and get ready for bed

French Class
I'm going to have to say that Sundays are the best days because all I do is go to meetings. I learn a ton and then just read the scriptures for 10 hrs.  Very cool.  I'm getting fat because my jeans dont fit me anymore.....Oh my gosh, I never thought this day would come.  

My teacher prososed to his girlfriend this week (the one from my BYU class) and we like to poke fun at him because it's really funny.  We are now PVl-ing which means parler votre langue (speak your language).  It's hard but do-able.  SOOOOO thankful I took french in high school.  

Missionaries at the Provo Temple
I've only been a district leader for one day but I've realized a lot already.  One is you have to try and be a perfect example which I'm trying really hard.  You can't lead if you are a hypocrite or no one will/should take you seriously.  Also you have to have patience because as you all know I am not the most patient. Lastly it's so easy to want to be an authoritarian figure but you can't.  I just have to tell people the rules and follow them and hope that they will do the same.  Same as with Christ.  He didn't tell people you can't do that or what-not; he was an example to them.  Also when you're obedient and do the right things, you can clearly feel the spirit with you. It'll help you with everything you need. 

Creative Temple Shot
I think the most stressful part of the week is emailing because there's so much I want to say, but not enough time and I forget a lot of stuff.  I'm friends with everyone in the Branch.   I feel almost as close to my district as I felt with my family and friends.  Basically we couldn't even know more about each other if we wanted to, which I don't.  

We did our first contacting yesterday which was awkward for me.  Of course with my luck, I get stuck with both teachers and one was my companion while the other an investigator.  They are chatting away so fast in French that I have very little knowledge as of what they're talking about.  Then they just look at me....?  So I said I believe in God and then I forgot everything that I wanted to say and I kept saying I don't know over and over!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!  The next contact I did was good though because I did most of the talking and I wasn't just standing there in awe at their french.  At least mine wasnt as bad as my friend Elder Hales who said randomly in the middle that he's a missionary and can speak french, hahahah. 

Blue Tooth Group?
So glad I'm going to Paris because the accent is really important in the french language. So people who go to Quebec and to areas other than Africa and France have really different accents.  We had a shaving cream war last night, which didn't end well for them. : )

Toujours, Aîné Vance

Still Goofy!