Monday, January 20, 2014

Cherbourg, La Cité De La Mer

Currently, we're in the middle of a giant storm and the wind is like 100 mph and it randomly downpours.  Cherbourg is amazing and I kind of want to live here when I grow up.  It rains every day and its only sunny possible once or twice a week.  The wind is crazy though! If I could send you a picture of my umbrella you would laugh.  It's a mess.  So basically i've decided to just get soaked for the rest of my mission.  Actually they have umbrellas here called parapluie de cherbourg. I think and they are 250 euros.  BUT they are windproof and huge. 
We just took a picture with a life sized Link...! Yes, I am talking about the Legend of Zelda Link, but plastic.  It was awesome but the guy took off his sword because people kept taking it ,haha.  I bought my first video game in French.
 We had an exchange and I went to Caen for 2 days with Elder Christensian who was really cool and super nerdy so he is fun.  We listened to video game music in the appartement which I enjoyed.   
 Ca c'est  l'histoire de ma vie ici dans Cherbourg.  As I said, we had Zone conference and it was really cool.  It was my first here in France and actually like 10 people from my MTC district were there and we talked the whole time.  We got tons of candy and we did a white elephant.  I got a ruler for someone and said they rule.  Aren't I creative?  And I received a chocolate bar.  Not fair. But the best part was that we got Santa hats and I've always wanted a santa hat since mine broke in England but never got one so that was quite the surprise. We live on the pier where all the boats are.  It's nice and humid here and I love it. 
It's fun because it's pouring rain and you would think that people would feel bad for us and let us in and sing with them( president told everyone we have to tell them we want to sing with them.  Me + singing= death) but no.  They don't haha.  Wooowww the wind just blew open the metal garbage can in front of me.  Its kind of ridiculous.  So that was my week.  
This week is Christmas and we have off Christmas and New Years all day and then the eve of the 2 at 500 pm which is chouette. 

I've decided to work my butt off in French because I have a really strong feeling I'll be using it in the future.  Hopefully, I'll become a pro.  Hope you all have a wonderful CHRISTmas and get lots of good presents.  Love you and peace out! BYE!

Onwards to France!!!

Heyywooo! So this week i almost died! Not really but kind of.  We went to visit the Lahonts who are hilarious and she always makes me die laughing but she has chinchillas.  Little demons of cuteness.  I had an allergy attack and I got INSANELY stuffed up! I couldn't really breath. Also this week I had a pretty good mistake.  We left the apartment and my ears where cold so I said, "Je doit obtenir mon château parce que mes oevres sont froid!  I have to get my castle because by eggs are cold.  Yeah that was a laugh.  I meant to say I have to get my hat because my ears are cold.  Wups.  

According to Devin, there is a Waterloo Station in every country in Europe


P-Day in the Weapons Shoppe!
Their Transfer numbers! 

So I always feel like in these emails I have so much to write and then I usually get to this point and just forget everything.  Sooooo this week i found out that I'm getting transferred which is pretty rare because it's only the first transfer.  I think it's because of the allergies I've been having so they want to transfer me. Luckily I got one of the prettiest villes in the mission. Cherbourg!!!! It's in Normandy and it's a coast city! My favourite.  Actually my trainer now, that was his first ville so now we've been to the same villes except he's been here 7 months earlier. Also I'm getting a new trainer and he's FRENCH! yayyy this will be an interesting transfer.  My goal for this transfer for myself is to become pretty independant in french;  so I can get around and stuff.  

Matching Sweaters!
Devin the Barber

Elder Bates is getting a new blue.  We talked about what he should do different and he was pretty funny about it. We have about 7 amis do leglise( a lot for here) and most of them seem promising.  Transfers kind of stink in that aspect but I'll probably stay in Cherbourg for 3 or 4 transfers.  Maybe even get a blue there.  I'm actually excited to get a blue.  I think I'll be a good trainer except for directions because I still get lost everywhere and I'm pretty positive I'm hopeless :/  

Sleeping on the subway, good thing scarves double as pillows! 

I had a sugar addiction but I'm slowly breaking it.  I'm proud to say I haven't bought any candy in about 1 week. Impressive I know! 

Eclair, sugary
Candy, sugary (Birthday Present from my companions)
Birthday Cake! (sugary)

Happy 19th Birthday Devin!

When missionaries first start their missions, we call it being born. So I was born in Charleroi and I'm going to die somewhere else.  Okay now to lessons.  
Thanksgiving Dinner!

Fruit Turkey

BYEEEEEEEEEEEE! Email you in Cherbourg!!!!