Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Companion!

This week was great!  I went on an exchange with one of the zone leaders, Elder Meissner from Austria.  We got two new amis de l'eglise.  One is an excommunicated temouign jehova.  He got excommunicated because he smokes. Anyways, we taught him and it was a perfect lesson.  He agreed to baptism if he could find out that the things we taught were true.  He was really nice and just wanted to know about our religion.  Then we had Christian who is from Africa.  We had relatively the same lesson and he was pretty much the same way. We also got 2 more new investigators, a mom and her daughter who is 12.  Her name is Madame Oury.  She's very social and is the only woman on my mission that I have met that actually stops talking... literally.  Also today is my first day of not being a blue.  It's weird...I just feel different ya know..? And also, my companion is getting transferred. He was fun as a friend.  

MY new comps name is Elder Christianson who I will meet on Wednesday in Paris.  No one knows him but he's an older missionary and American.  I seriously hope we get along.  But I'm really excited I get to stay in Cherbourg.  Out of all the towns I've been to, Cherbourg is my favourite (behind Mons, Belgique).  And I love the ward and our investigators here.  Not a whole lot more to say.  A member named Chantal made some really good chicken and another made us a dessert and it was so good but she keeps forgetting to give me la recette and its driving me crazy! Okay hope you all have a good week. à la prochaine!!! Au revoir!
Yet Another French Cathedral

The Trap Door?

So this week was really cool for a lot of reasons. I bought a new jacket with fourrure.  Every guy has one here and I'm finally not sticking out like a sore thumb. Let me explain the past two nights: Saturday night we had all of our lessons fall through.  Then we saw a man dancing on the road and I started to dance with him but then we left and then later that night we saw him in centre ville and Elder Paitrault was like we should totally contact him. "pourquoi pas?"  So we contacted him and it ended up he's only here for like 1 day and he has ALL THE SAME BELIEFS AS US except that he believed in reincarnation.  HE spoke better english than french so I taught him and he now believes a lot of what we believe.  Seriously it was a 2 hour lesson and it was just incredible.  Best lesson of my mission so far.  Then last night was just fun.  We went porting in a building and Elder Paitrault started and we met a woman and she said "ooo I've already met people like you and I said "c'etait les mormon" and she's like what? And then I repeated it and she said, Oh, I don't speak English sorry...I'm speaking French lady!  Drove me crazy.  And I have an American accent like every missionary, but it's not even a bad one.  Crushed my soul.  
We lost an ami about an hour ago which was sad, but he said it just wasn't the time for him. Michel, who is afraid of water still hasn't found an answer but we're telling him to keep praying.  He really doesn't think he can find an answer so thats the problem.  I found my favourite quote which I've found to be true in life.  It's by President Hinckley and basically it says that happiness is a choice not your circumstance.  Which is so true. 

I had my first blue exchange which was fun.  Blue exchange is when two blues are companions for a day.  We found lots of pass-backs except guess what?! I forgot where one of them lived.  Elder Paitrault said this was the first time he has ever lost a potential investigator haha.  Guess it just wasn't her time.  I also went out to eat for the first time and its was an all you can eat Chinese and Japanese restaurant for 20 euros.  So amazing.  Mmmm it was delicious. Ok that's it, so now to finish it off I'll quote Kronk "what are the odds this trapped door led me out here," Bye!

New Years!!!!

Our little Tree!
Hello!  We just got back from the aquarium today which was a lot of fun. At the end we watched a movie called underwater explorer.  It was SOOOO BADDDD. It made us do all these random things and the graphics were terrible (like from 1990) but in the end it sat us down in the room and it was actually recording us the entire time!  This one part I was in, I tripped out of the submarine thing and it was trop drole!  They also had a 30 year old submarine which was awesome.  I think it would be cool to work in a submarine.  The only bad thing is that I was ducking the entire way through.  
Yesterday was Sunday and I gave my first talk in french.  It was about 12 minutes and I got tons of compliments and everyone said that I have a good french accent.  Made my day. 
 So I want to reenforce the fact of how Pokemon has helped me on my mission.  Me and my comp were in the gare (train station) and he saw a pokedex book and so, of course, I bought it and now I'm translating it!! Well now when I talk to people I recognize SOOO many new words because I've been translating the description on each pokemon.  Isn't that cool?  I think it's cool.  And I think when I get a blue I'll pass it down to him as long as he's not some weirdo who thinks pokemon isn't cool and plays sports or whatever.  Ahh yes,  once again pokemon triumphs parents.  Speaking of pokemon did you know that (learned this all in the book I got) in the new pokemon games that came out the whole region is modeled after France!  It's a rough outline of it and even the people and la mode (fashion) are francaise.  And the biggest town in the game is completely modeled after Paris.  Pretty cool!  
This week we got hailed on and another umbrella got ripped to shreds.  It was painful but I loved every moment of it.  There are rainbows galore here.  I have decided to live on the beach once I live solo.  We also had a member of the branch take us to the beach after she fed us some reallllyyyy good french pie.  It was beautiful and there were wrecking army things from the war on the beach.  We also found 3 new amis this week. One is Jean (shocking) and he's actually Vietnamese.  I met him while on an exchange with Elder Adams which was the funnest exchange of my life.  We taught 4 lessons that day and found Jean.  We also got another one from member referral.  
Us in our Santa Hats!

This Wednesday I have off because its NEW YEARSSS!!!  I'm going to watch my movie that I didn't get to watch on Christmas because I let my comp go first.  I'm so charitable.  It's Fantasia and I'm gonna snuggle in my bed with all my candy and just be fat as can be for 2 hrs straight.  So New Years... be thinking of me.  Thats about all folks.  I love Cherbourg and I hope you all had a great Christmas.  Ciao!