Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I was reading the Liahona or Ensign and I read the funniest article about chastity. My favorite line was the last one when it was talking about modesty where it says " In the end, most women get the type of man they dress for." Hahaha that me laugh so hard.  But it's so true.  All the trashy girls get the guys who you know… aren't the best.  Of course they shouldn't have just targeted women.  Guys can be immodest too.  Pull up your pants and put on a shirt!!
Cherbourg Fountain

I'll start off my report with Sunday.  This week we had 4 amis come to church.  That's a record for Cherbourg and I'm pretty sure the entire mission (not really but this is rare).  We reached the standard of excellence and they all enjoyed church.  M. paysant split like a potatoe afterward but the others stayed and talked to the members.  Speaking of Paysant, he has a baptismal date!!!! yayyy! However it's scheduled for the day after the transfer so I won't be there!  Worst part of mission ever!  I found him, taught him, nurtured him, and cared for him I don't even get to see him be baptized.  But, at least he's getting baptized.
Devin Waving in the Back!
We also went to Paris for a whole day and did zone and a huge conference.  Apparently the Apostle Christofferson went to Belgium but missionaries in France weren't invited :( so we got the summary... YAY!  Me and comp went to Notre Dame and just walked around a bit.  It would be really cool to be in Paris meme.  Like contacting in Paris centrale would be sooo awesome! 
Devin and his old Companions
But anyways.  I also found a new love like you Amanda: Dijon mustard!!!! It's sooo good and delicious!  I bought a whole bottle today.  However it has some sort of alcohol ingredient which makes me worried and its like 20% of the bottle so I'm wondering if it's actually okay for health.  Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure in my last email I was starving.  That was true.  But I figured it all out finally.  I decided I'm buying my groceries solo and I've also decided to be vegiterian again.  It's much cheaper and just about the only thing cheap in France is vegetables haha so it works out perfect.  And I've been eating terribly lately and I can't deal with it.  So I bought tons of food this week and it was only 17 euros which shocked me when I saw it.  So that trial is out of the way.  Let's hope I can live off of it this week haha.  For our amis M Caen is the most awesome ami ever.  We had more lessons except this time I just held Trompette in my lap the entire time we taught.  I've got to remember to get a picture.  We had a great lesson with Nizar and he has a great desire to become happy in his life and try out our religion si ça du sence. And then Michel Robiolle (scared of water) was unfortunately hospitalized this week because of his breathing :(  poor guy.  But he said that he'd be better.  C'est tout. BYeee


Bonjour à vous tous!

Bonjour à vous tous!
Honestly I can't even remember this week.  When you do the exact same thing every week for the past 6 months haha it gets a little hard.  Thank you planner.
Road of "why not?"
So Tuesday we had district meeting and there were new people in our district.  The new blue is from an Ivy league college and she's a vegetarian!!! We get along really well.  Next we have another dude (elder) come to our district and he loves Japanese stuff and video games and all that good stuff.  Had a nice long 2 hr convo with him.  And the last one I havent met yet. Then we taught a ton of lessons this week and got 2 new amis.  On Friday Elder Christenson went to Caen and I stayed in Cherbourg with Elder Faura from Tahiti.  We taught 2 lessons. One of the people said he'd read it and we'll see if he did tomorrow.  Then we had a lesson with my favourite ami! Monsieur Caen!  He has a tiny blond Pekinese named Trompette (trumpet in english :) and every time we go to his house I just scoop her up and teach with her in my hands.  I'm getting a picture next lesson haha.  But yeah he made us rhubarb jam and apple tart and it was great.  And he read which was good.  Then we had M. Paysant the next day and he said he hasn't smoked in a week.  Sadly I get this feeling he's gonna stop smoking and then join the temoigns again... that would be a disappointment.  Then Michel got his blessing this week and I asked this guy in our ward to give him a lesson on baptism or something.  He has a lot of respect for him so he did that and now all we can do is pray and wait. So here is a brain buster.  Why do we pray for people who are afflicted?  M. Caen asked me why his arm won't get healed even if he prays all the time for it.  I guess I was stumped so I just explained that if miracles were to occur then no one would have to have faith and that's what the gospel is built on.  And he kind of accepted that so then I said I'd look into it.  I researched it and I found Seventy's talk about how if someone is afflicted and it's their time to die; prayer won't do anything because it's their time.  But if it's not their time then they won't die. So the question is why do we pray for people when they have a certain time?  Like what's even the point?  If it's their time to die then won't they just die?  Or if they are supposed to stay then won't they just stay? Does praying speed up recovery? Really though responses people!


In response to Devin's questions, he received many replies. The best is from his friend Misha, who said: "You don't pray to pray away the problems, you pray for comfort and strength to get through them." 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


DONCCC, this week we went to a families house who lived in SC for 6 years and it was a lot of fun.  They weren't interested in the gospel but they were really nice and they said that they'd invite us to play soccer with them which will be really awkward because it's a family of 4 french boys about my age that are probably soccer stars but I'll try and represent America well (fail).
I think we ruined this picture...

Also I lost my wallet!!!!! Not really because I found it.  I think I left it on the bus or else I left it in the bus office when I went to get a new bus pass.  Someone must have turned it in which is amazing.  And everything was in it which is awesome.  We then had another lesson with the Tunisian and he cooked salmon for us again.  Isn't it so sad that we get more mangez vous with non members than with members?  Pathetic I'd say.  So we're very thankful to be fed.

And this one...
Speaking of food, this week on Saturday morning we had absolutely no food left in the appartement except one bag of pasta.  So I ate pasta and soy-sauce for 2 days. We had something pretty cool happen too.  Actually, it was the most ironic situation happen in all of my mission so far.  We went contacting up in Octeville (town by Cherbourg that I love).  First guy I contact says we can come over so we go to his house.  Sit down and talk a little.  Hear a knock on the door and a couple come in they're like, "oh you have company" and we're like, "oh no no come on" because we were thinking we could teach a family too ya know.  Then they come in and are like "oh, we know you guys" "how?" "you're the mormons" "yeah how do you know that" ..." were the temoings......" Oh boy oh boy like seriously what are the chances of that happening! We finally get let in and then the temoign jehova missionaries come at the same time!

And this one too...
Also we met a man 2 days ago named Monsieur Caen.  And he let us in and he rememebered my formateur on the mission Elder Bates when he was in Cherbourg.  So he's coming to the family night this Monday.  And m. Paysant says he's starting to stop smoking and doing less which is great.  Hope he stops! Byeeee!

Staying in Cherbourg

Bonjour!  I am staying in Cherbourg! Yayyy! There are perks and non-perks to both, but I'm satisfied. Sooooooo, this was a long week.  Unfortunately we didn't find any new amis but we have some seriously promising amis.  First and best of all is M Paysant!  He came to church again and says he loved it.  He even skipped some of his temoign jehova church for ours.  I think he likes how in our ward we are all happy but also worship God. Pretty sure in his church is just serious focus worship on God.  This week was also fast and testimony week so guess what I fasted for... haha a good testimony week! We just need to stop him from smoking which is what we are teaching him on tuesday!

Word of Wisdom!!! And a baptismal date.  Parfait n'est pas? After we have Nizar who is the guy from Tunisia.  We had a rendez vous and he fed us a ton.  We ate lamb and some tunisian salad which was really good.  Did you know that all of north Africa is bilingual and usually in French?  And that each country has their own arabic language.  So if someone from tunisia talked with someone from Algerie they wouldn't understand each other.  But the writing is all the same.  Then for dessert we had macaroons and ferrero rochers.  He knows my weaknesses.... And we taught a little about prayer.  He actually speaks English becuase he lived in America for 3 years.  Hes the friendliest guy I've ever met.  And he said he'd read the Book of Mormon.  So we shall see.  And then our other amies are all the same as they have been.  Hopefully we'll find some more amis this week.  This week I got to hold a widdle pug puppy and I almost died.  We were porting and they opened the door and he shot out and of course I had to restrain myself from grabbing it so I just let it sniff around.  Then the guys said no and we were trying to get the dog to come back in but it wouldn't.  So it was just too awkward for me because they said no and they wouldn't leave their house so I just got it for them.  It was so cute. Hmmmm.  Oh, here's something funny.  Elder Bates heard me do this twice and now Elder Christiansen has woken up last night from me doing this haha.  I keep sleep talking but it's weird sleep talking.  I say the same prayers that I say for comp study outloud in my sleep in french.  Funny right.  And I yelled it too haha.  mMmmmmm je pense que c'est tout.  Oh and yesterday we were doing contacting by our house and it was my turn and I honestly had the brainiest fart ever and said "Bonsoir monsieur!  Je m'appelle Elder Vance et je viens des etats unis et je suis la parce que je sais que la priere... ugh çca marcheee!"  And that directly translates to "prayer... ugh it works."  Most awkward contact ever. Okay talk to you next wayyykeeee! Ciaoooooooo

Friday, March 7, 2014

Gotta Catch 'em All!!!!!

The City!
Salut mes amis et ma famille!  Donc on a eu quelque choses bizarre cette semaine et je vais expliquer tout!  Mais pas en français parce que ça c'est stupid et il n'y a personne qui peut comprendre.  Mais en tout cas je vous aime :)  

Me and My companion (Elder Christiansen)
 This week we had another lesson with Michel.  He is finally starting to realize that he can get over his fear.  But we think he has a problem with his faith because he told us he only ask for things for others and not for himself in prayers and he just doesn't have faith.  So we'll be teaching more of that next time. But he's so adorable we asked him to give the prayer and then he said no because his prayers weren't good enough,  and that everyone else's prayers are so fancy. I've heard him pray before and I said they were good and then he looked away and was like "non non non non!" He's so funny. I'll get a picture with him too before I go.  Old people are cool.
Next week I find out if I'm being transferred :/! I don't want to leave Cherbourg.  The members and our amis are so cool.  
Me, my companion, and Sister Bellessa
Dimanche, (Sunday) was really cool.  We had Monsieur Paysant and Teo come to church and they both loved it! And then that night we found a new amie.  It was amazing.  
Elder Christiansen et moi created something very cool and makes life contacting fun.  Brace yourself: Pokémon Contacting!  Basically we want a team of pokemon by the end of our transfer.  The pokemon are amis and after we get a rendez vous they are amis.  Then when we get home at night we choose which pokemon they are most like.  So far after doing it for 3 days we have a team of 3.  Toxicraok and teddiursa.  If we only get their number or whatnot it goes into the Pokédex (area book).  Genius right.  Don't worry, we only think about this randomly and still contact the same.  It just makes the day a bit more fun.  Also I feel much more motivated to contact everyone now.  We have to get 3 more amis this week and then we meet our goal. BAM! 
Us and Elder Bellessa

So first amie we got was Teo.  He's from congo and has a really forte congo accent.  But he knows the members in our ward from congo so he's already integrated which is great.  Then we have Nizar who is from Tunisia which is apparently in Africa.  Thought it was an island.  He's really chill and We just talked to him about his life for an hour and then got another rendez-vous with him this week.  He's going to make us some Tunisian food next time we come.  Okay, this week I have been studying my butt off in French and really trying to learn and use new phrases and what not and I don't know what happened but I can't just understand people so much better. I rarely don't know what they are talking about anymore.  It's great! Studying works...? What? Okay, Au revoir!!!! Passez une bonne semaine!!

There's a Goat in my Boat!

Me being Artsy Fartsy
Bonjour à tous! Je vous ai envoyé beaucoup de emails.  Sorry but there was a lot of catching up. We had a service project last week and the family had a goat and kept following me everywhere.  It kept trying to eat my sweater!  Goats are really dumb, I had no idea that they actually just eat everything. And then we had to lift up a boat and it crawled under the boat and then we sat it down. Everyone kept wondering, "where's the goat?" Then its head shot out the side and started eating grass.  
My room
I'm just like LINK! With my BOM shield and paraplui sword!
Caen Castle
Bombs Away!
Me at the docks
Last week I saw a really cool dog.  I asked him what breed and he said spitzna whatever that is?  I think that means just spitz in english but I don't know.  It was awesome and I held it :).  
This week we had zone conference and interviews. It was a lot of fun but a little too long.  The senior couples all fell asleep haha.  I went on an exchange with Elder Meissneur again and we taught a few lessons.  Unfortunately this week we dropped a few amis because they were eternal and just didn't care much.  I've realized that one of the most important things on a mission is desire.  For the amis and the missionaries.  If the amis don't have a desire to learn they are not going anywhere with your message.  We are still teaching Madame Oury and Mathilde.  We had a lesson with them and Soeur Martin this week and it went well.  Hoping they will read the Book Of Mormon.  We also wen't to eat at the Belessas and Soeur Bellessa made the best thing ever.  It was like chicken noodle but in lasagna form.  Its WAS SO GOOD.  I feel like I like her cooking better than french to be honest haha.  America wins!  We also had a lesson with Michel finally and we talked about the Book Of Mormon.  He's starting to understand that he needs to get over this and get baptized.  He even said he might go in the ocean little by little haha.  He's so awesome.  Uhmm yeah.  Thats about it.  We are working hard and speaking way too much English with one another.  There's the one downfall to not having a french companion.  But that will change this week.  Have a good week!

Croque Monsieur! (My favourite sandwich)

I Almost Died!!!

So I shall first start with my near death experience this morning. I got my companion to go running with me this morning and we ran along some train tracks.  Then there was a river and it was under construction around it and we wanted to go to the mall to get a pain au chocolat at 6:30 am but there was a gate.  And under the gate was a river.  Well without thinking (as usual) I jumped up on this smaller gate next to the big gate its hard to describe.  But yeah then when I was all confident I would make it the smaller gate bent in half and I fell.  But I grabbed the bar and I was hanging over the river with my feet just dangling.  Right when I fell I looked at my companion and he just looked scared.  It was hilarious.  But somehow I pulled myself right up and jumped over the fence and made it.  Which is weird because I can't even do one pull up haha.  And my exact words afterwards was "Lets go get some food." My companion was like, "what on earth just happened."  And he explained to me the extremeness of the situation and now I realize that I actually could have died.  And in the river the sides were slanted like this \_/ so I wouldn't have been able to get out.  So yeah I'm not climbing anything anymore. My companion is really cool. We get along great and we both work well together.  We both don't get offended so that makes things easy. We went porting and contacting the past 2 days for 12 hrs and we are dead.
This is what I almost fell into!
Sister and Elder Vance!
Normandy Beach
I didn't want to smile here...Normandy
Normandy Beach
Green Bean, my pet for the mission!

Nothing new with the investigators.  Not having a french companion is hard because now we speak in English and we don't want to speak in French because then we won't have as much fun. Isn't that sad. But I want to start again so that'll change this week. I'm really thankful that our investigators are progressing.  However, we haven't found a whole lot of new people here so it's difficult.  We want to find some new amis but no luck :( still no luck with Michel who's afraid of water.  But we're thinking we'll just talk about the Book of Mormon this week and daily study.  And also I'm gonna share that scripture you sent me Mom and talk about eternal life.  I think thats a good idea. Okay Ciao!