Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter and Hello to Paris!

Beautiful Sunset in Cherbourg
I love Paris!  It's really cool and lots more people to interact with.  We actually don't live in the Paris meme area but we live one stop above Paris.  So as close as you can get.   When I first got here I was in a bit of shock because I'm not used to taking subways all the time and having people swarming me so the first 2 days were a blurr but it's like home now.  When I first got to our appartement it was a wreckkkkk.  Seriously it looked like our appartement just came out of Africa.  The appartement itself is nice but the elders for the past 3 transfers have not cleaned it even one bit.  I mean mold ALL OVER the kitchen, food all over the floor, flies everywhere.  It was an environment where you'd find a dead body honestly haha.  So me and Esparza (other new Elder) had a talk with them and we spent about 4 hours in total cleaning and throwing stuff away.  Now it's actually really nice.  I took a picture of what I found behind one of the things I moved yesterday in the kitchen.  My new comp is Elder Mosley.  He is nice and we get along great.  He does things differently than me and I find that challenging but it's working out.
Devin Having Fun!
Normandy Fog

Today we went to SacrĂ© Coeur and took some photos.  We met a man who recognized us but wasn't a member.  He actually is a photographer and followed a missionary into Thailand and published a book called 'The Mission'.  Talked to him for about 10 mins and then just walked around.  We also bought tickets for the star wars identities thing here.  It looks awesome.  There's the real Yoda there and stuff.  Looks cool.  I found my favourite dessert ever yesterday.  Its called Tiramisu and I encourage all of you to try and make it.  Its italienne and its so gooooood.  But don't use cafĂ© in it because that's contre la parole de sagesse.  We don't have a lot of amis here sadly but we get lots of contacts. I try to contact every single person I see now.  French is going good.  I feel like in about a month or so I will be able to say that I am fluent.  So that's progressing.  I get to see you family in less than a month! Yayyy!  The members in our ward are really nice and welcoming.  Don't know them too well yet but I've eaten with a few of them already.  And that's about it.  Bye!  Hope you had a good Easter!

Devin at Notre Dame!

General Conference!

Cherry Blossoms

Okay here I go,
BonJOURRRR!  Hope you all enjoyed general conference because I did! When you make a list of things you need to improve on, it makes it so much better and worth watching rather than just watching it like you would watch TV.  Okay this week we had tons of lessons in the short time that we were actually in Cherbourg.  I went on 2 exchanges (I'm gonna miss not being the comp of the district leader. That means very few exchanges). This week one with Meissner and the other with Harris.  Harris and I are really good friends now because we both love Japan and are going to be taking japanese when we get back and also are going to be doing a study abroad to Japan.  But we found some new amis.

First of all I will describe France because some of you have been asking.  The food is delicious unless you are fed cow tongue or goose liver.  I eat a pastry everyday.  I realized while listening to Uchtdorf's talk that I have an addiction....sugar.  Seriously he even mentioned food and I can't stop eating it since I left home.  It's a big problem.  Pray for me.  But Normandie rains all the time but it's relatively cooler than the rest of France.  Paris is cool and fun to just walk around and see all the cool stuff.  As I said before it would be cool to serve there.  I don't know what else to say.  America is better that's for sure.  Everything here is just very small and the people have a different way of living.  Their school system is different so a lot of them never go to high school.  It's really sad because then they can't get jobs for the rest of their lives and have to be driven everywhere by other people.  I don't like that aspect.  But the food is better and I love the overcast and rainy skies since day one here.  

Devin and Group
We found three new investigators this week.  One was Christele on our exchange with Elder Harris.  She was a gypsie and she is believing.  She is very nice and welcoming.  She actually let us in and then went to go get her child from school and just left us 2 strangers in her home.  People can be seriously dumb I must say.  But anyways she is nice and we have another rendez vous demain.  Also as you can see because I sent you the pictures we had a lesson with M Caen and TROMPETTE.  She's a Pekinese as I'm sure you were all wondering.  He was on vacation so he did not read.  Ughhh what else?.... o we just bought the senior missionary couple a present.  haha and then a post card that says "you survived" with a picture of rainclouds and normandie.  It was perfect.  So yeah this week was just dandy.  This is probably my last week in Cherbourg but who knows?  I could be going transfer 4 here but I seriously doubt it.  And last week I forgot to write a letter.  All I can really remember is that my comp's sister and 3 of her friends came to France from England to visit.  So like if any of you my sisters or parents want to come apparently it's okay haha.  Joke I want to do this mission thing right.  But yeah I just hung out with her friends and they knew a lot of people I knew from the MTC and college which was weird. They were nice and we went and got some yummy overly expensive crepes.  Toujour bon!  Hope you all learned something from conference and try to apply it in your life.  BYE!
Devin and M. Caen
Devin and Trompette