Thursday, May 22, 2014

Luxembourg Gardens and Much Much More...

Leaving Cherbourg!
Me and sushi (first time on my mission!)
Zone Conference
Zone Conference With Juice

So this week we went to Luxembourg Gardens which was a huge let down sadly.  I was thinking it was going to have a ton of flowers and it would be beautiful.  But it was just a ton of trees and dirt and pigeons.  And I didn't even hear french once because there were only Americans there so I say tourist trap.
The Disappointing Luxembourg Gardens
L'arc De Triumphe (under construction)
 Not a lot of time to type this but I went on some exchanges this week with the other elders and it was fun.  We went over to a member's house with her sister who is not a member and one of our investigators.  My exchange companion Elder Andrino, who is awesome, and I taught the restoration and it went really well.  The sister said that she believes it's true and she's really interested so that's cool.
Moi et Elder Paitrault reuni apres trois mois de seperation!
Champs Elysees
We got frudged (set up a rendez-vous and no one was there) 10 times this week.... so frustrating.  There was also a baptism on Saturday  for an amie of the soeur missionnaires.  We taught the woman a few times so it was nice.  This woman I met on the street came and she befriended a member and they talked the whole time.  I love seeing members get involved and helping out.  There's only so much we can do ya know.  But yeah, I talked to her a little after and I gave her the BoM  and she looked really touched.  She asked me to write something in it for her.  So even though I didn't know her very well, I just wrote my testimony.  She didn't accept a rendez vous but she said she might call so we shall see.
Me and Companion (Elder Mosley)!
Me and A soul sucking furby
Captain America! 
And last but not least I got to call my family!! Thanks for being there it was a good repos to see you there.  Loved talking to you all individually.  And my favorite pastry for the past month has been croissant aux amandes.  Miam miam!  So good!  Just butter and sugar.  Today we are just going to the mall and maybe getting some croissants.  C'est tout!  Au revoir!
Sacre Couer
Early Morning Jog by the Eiffel Tower! 
Paris is Beautiful at 6:30, and there is no one out...
Chartres Cathedral


Sorry for not writing last week I had about 30 min to do emails.  Last week for P-day we went to a star wars convention... it was really cool.  They had all the outfits from star-wars and the real little Yoda haha.  And throughout the thing you create a character of yourself.  I took a picture and I'll send it next week.
The Church in Paris

 Today we are going to Luxembourg Gardens :)  I've had a recent fascination with flowers lately and I'm going to have a garden when I'm married.  They smell good.  Justin T came to town and I rode on the bus next to the stadium when he was performing....Isn't that awesome. I did an exchange with the Paris Zone Leaders and I went to the Paris meme appartement.  It was tiny but they live right next to la tour eiffel. En fait we went running by it in the morning. That could be the life.

We also went porting this week and we were walking by a house and I didn't see this dog that was next to me so I literally jumped with fear.  Both feet left the same time and landed the same time.  I can say that I jumped with fear now.  Check.  This Sunday there were two BYU students who came here and one was from Park City!  He graduated in 2010 so I didn't know him but it was cool.  I can't remember his last name but we took a picture together so it's possible that you'll be getting that if his parents know my parents.  

 Missionary work:
Oyyy it's hard here.  We work all day and talk to everyone we can.  We follow the rules but honestly we have no solid amies whatsoever.  We get about 3 phone numbers a day but for the most part they are just africans that never show up to our rendez vous.  And about 50 of St Denis is muslim so that doesn't help too much.  It's hard but we keep trying and praying.  There has to be someone in Paris who will listen to us and be interested.  Even though we don't find a lot of amies we still have some lessons.  One saturday we went porting and of the 6 doors we knocked on, we had 3 lessons.  One of which we are still in contact with.  So that was pretty cool. Wow that was shorter than I thought.  BYE

Brother Hill Came to Visit!