Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tons of exchanges, and even more lessons!

Elder Meng and I 

This week was really cool.  We got more lessons than we have ever gotten here in a week.  We taught a bunch of first lessons.  This one woman we taught while I was on my exchange with Meng told us that she studied our church in South Africa and went to church for about 8 months.  But really she just didn't understand anything.  She was completely against our church in the beginning.  We talked a lot about Joseph Smith and she listened and really seemed to understand what we were saying.  I asked her in the beginning if we could come back and she said "no". And then at the end I asked again and she said we can repass on Sunday.  So we did that and talked about the Book of Mormon.  It was really cool.  So she's a new ami.  
The Opera House
We had a lesson with Chris (the guy that brings a bazillion questions with him and is AWESOME);  Baptismal date!!! But yeah, so right now we have 2 dates for the 28th but we might have to be moving them both back if they don't come to church.  We shall see.  Also Jenny the Russian told us HE'S MOVING!  That's too bad, but we're just going to keep helping him progress and hopefully we can help him get in contact with the missionaries wherever he goes.  

Lightning Storm!
We also had a lesson with Monsieur Tshibwabwa. Try saying that please.  He was cool and it was easy to talk to him because he really wanted to know why we were there. So basically I just told him we want him to get baptized and explained the WHOLE first lesson.  He seemed relatively okay with that so we have another lesson with him next week.  But he reminded me a bit of a Temoigne because he was really concentrated on why we believe that God has a body.  I started with some bible scriptures but he was convinced of nothing.  Then I talked about Joseph Smith and how he saw God and I think that helped him understand it.  So we'll see where that goes.  
My Artistry
And we had a bunch of other lessons I can't remember that well.  This is the first week where I can honestly say I had to tell people we were booked and couldn't teach them.  Never thought that day would come.  So glad it did though.  Hopefully next week will be better. Next week we have Zone Conference and I have like 3 exchanges.  Yesterday and today me and Meng have been on exchanges.  Then I have one with Eldredge from Chartes and then another with Christiansen.  That means 5 days without being companions with my companion haha.  So weirrrdd!  That's it.  Talk to y'all next week.  Byee
Saw this stud at the train station, Dylan Gillette

Cute Little Doggy!!! (That looks like a mop)
Me and Elder Mckenzie and Elder Earnshaw

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Really, Really Good Week

The Obsession with Haribo Continues
Bonjour à vous tous!

Cette semaine s'est bien passé! Honnêtement on a trouvé beaucoup de leçons et aussi de gens qui nous écouteraient.  Je pensais que je vais raconter toute ma semaine on français mais je n'ai pas beaucoup de temps donc ANGLAIS!
Yummy Crepes

Okay so this week we had a ton of lessons.  I'll first start our with our miracle D-day.  I guess France had to give something back somehow.  So on D-day we had about 7 lessons and like 4 new amis.  And you'll never guess how we got them all.  So in the morning we decided to go contacting because we only had about an hour and a half.  Not a lot of time so I just said let's go by our house.  The area we live in is the most muslim.  99%  to be exact.  So me and my comp walked around the back of our home where we've never been and I swear every single person we contacted was Christian and like 2 of them said that they want something different and can't really see God in their lives.  Ce n'est pas toujours evident ehh?  Then the last guy we talked to we did the full rétablissement and gave him a BOM.  We also met the man that lived below us and in the beginning he said absolutely not but by then end he said he'd meet with us.  So there you go.  That on its own DOES NOT HAPPEN!  God prepares people for us. 

Then we went to another part of Paris, Sarcelles.  We got delicious fried chicken, it was SO good.  then we saw Obama on the news.  Then we realized it was D-day haha and had a little American party with the Arabs.  We then went to a new family house and taught a few points to all 8 of them!  After we went to Patricks house who is a moins actif (less active) that we are trying to reactivate.  He told us that he has decided that coming back to church really is the best thing and then he also had his friend there and we were speaking french to him until 30 minutes he spat out in English that he doesn't speak French... o la la la.  So we did it all over again in English.  And then at night we went to visit Didi, another less active and he came to church as well.  Progress I say, progress!  So yeah and that was just one day.  We had a few other lessons.  One with the other family we are teaching.  They have all expressed their desire to come to church except the dad.  But his son Chris is still as incredible as can be.  He is praying about a  baptismal date and he continues to read the BoM and find new things that make sense to him.  Every time we answer a question of his it's like another piece to the puzzle.  Its awesome.  
Inception Bridge!
Confused, Aren't You? 

At stake conference, Uchtdorf talked and also Anderson.  The wife of Uchdorf said that we should create memories from temple trips.  It made sense I suppose.  Good memories from the temples yup.  Other than that it's just the usual.  Also I'd like to explain the feelings of the spirit I felt a little while ago.  We were watching the retab with our russian ami and obviously I couldn't understand a word (even though I've memorized to whole thing word for word).  But while we were watching it, I felt a warm heat that I couldn't really ignore.  I thought it was heart burn at first but it just felt comforting.  It was definitely the spirit testifying to me of the truthfulness.  That's really how he works I think when you need more encouragement he's there to help us and I really believe it was him helping Je t'aime et je te souhaite une bonne semaine.  Je t'ai envoyé des photo!  Au revoir :) And its freaking blazing hot here holy cowww I do not stop sweating.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Our District


Couldn't resist! 

We have a baptism date with an ami from russie and he's on progress but he's really shy so it's difficult to get him talk to people and socialize.  We also  have about 4 other people we are teaching who are interested in baptism.  They are from Africa.  One from Nigeria and the others from the Congo. So cool.  
Me and Comp
Me and Companion outside of our Church

Me and my comp made the other team in our appartement flip out.  We pretended to absolutely hate each other for one day and just say sassy things to each other.  We also faked a lot of yelling fights.  Then we planned the big event one night.  My comp went yelling down the hall in our appt and said stuff like your the worst colleague ever I hate you and stuff.  Then it was dead quiet and I threw a book at him right in front of the others room and then slammed the Ensein magazines at the wall and ran after him.  They went ballistic and held both of us down and were totally serious.  Then we were like JOKEEEE!  It was awesome.  Very well played I have to say but I'm not doing it again hahha.  Today was transfers and I'm staying, duhh and so is my comp.  C'est tous au revoirr!!!

Sister missionaries Cutting an Ami's hair!!

View from Apartment