Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Companion and so much more!

So like I said, last week we had a baptism!  It was for Jenny and it was really nice.  He just got the Aaronic priesthood so we were excited about that and he is also allowing us to teach him French.  This way he can better interact with the members.  And if he's going to live in France forever, it's kind of necessary.
More fab Artwork
We also got a new President of the mission.  I LOVE THEM!  They are awesome and I'm so happy we got them.  They are really funny.  Their goal is to make the missionaries better people and therefore we will touch the lives of more people. I'm excited about this guy.  It was also Independence day :)  Me and my companion planned the whole day.  Red white and blue everywhere.  I even shaved an american flag into my leg hair.  Sorry if that's gross but I just love America so much.  And we ate fried chicken and burger king.  My comp bought a  15 dollar (not euro) burger.  In America you could buy it for about 2.50.... oh France.
The Fourth of July Schedule!
But it was delicious chicken.  And we sang the anthem all day long.  We got a few new amis.  We have Lawsom who wants to get baptized and he said that when he went to church there was an indescribable feeling of joy in him.  True conversion right there so hopefully he'll progress next transfer.  And we also got a few referrals that are promising. 

Our Friends Didi and Louisa
We visited a ton of less actives and I have to say that's probably my favourite thing to do as a missionary.  Help people find the joy they once had but turned away from.  We are helping Didi and Louisa do that right now.  I think it's amazing how we can see the literal change in him and also just the spirit that is with him.  Not to sound cheesy but it's true. 

Today is transfer day and I'm getting a new comp named Elder Perry.  

I'm going to miss my companion!!
They finally moved the district leader so we're just comps.  And now all I have to do is focus on work and not running errands for people and going to baptism interviews.  Never heard of him though.  Never heard of any of my companions actually because the mission is 250 people.  I didn't even realize that usually missions are only 50 people.  Thats nuts! Tomorrow me and Meng are going to the Gardens at the Chateau de Versailles and then the catacombs.  Jenny is doing well and continues to change.  Miss you all and have a good week! Bye!
The Bullens visiting from Utah!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Our First Baptism!

In Front of The Louvre
France is so Beautiful
Zone Conference In front of the Eiffel Tower!
Eiffel Tower!

Elder Christensen

Me and Elder Tweed

Me and Elder Garcia and Elder Strauss

The Mona Lisa 
The Louvre
Goodbye Poznanski's!
I don't know why I always take sooo long doing email, but I'm already over time so this will be quick!
Asian Buffet soooo good :) 
Freshly Made Croissant! Yummm
The Crepe I made!
Pastries, Be Jealous
Basically WERE HAVING A BAPTISM this Saturday :)  It's for Jenny the Russian.  This however is based on conditions.  If he drinks coffee or tea before then, then he can't be baptised so PRAY FOR HIM! He's a very timid guy so were trying to make this a huge baptism so he can see how much he is loved. Chris also had a baptismal date but he didn't come to church.  It's really sad.  He's always willing to come to lessons and he always does more than his homework but he just will not come to church.  So maybe for him he'll get baptised in 2 weeks or so.  We'll see. 
Us and Jenny!
Jenny Getting Baptized
My Fab Artwork

Me and my companion taught the most lessons we've ever taught before again this week.  But sadly no new amis.  But that will change this week.  We had the goodbye zone conference for the Poznanskis.  It was my favourite conference we've had so far.  Very spiritual and uplifting.  Last week for P-day me and Meng went to the Louvre.  SO many different languages.  It's incredible.  And we got asked to take pictures with people like 5 times.  There are so many vacationing mormons everywhere haah.  Okay that's about it.  I have to go.  Peace. 
I'm so cool
We teach people of all colours
Us and Poznanski Jr. 
Still Cool
Artsy Fartsy