Thursday, August 7, 2014

Oh Paris...

This week for fun we went to a giant Paris sign next to a castle.  We didn't go in the castle but did take a picture by the paris sign :)  twas cool.
Toys R Us!
Devin and Elder Bates and Elder Beck!
My Awesome planner
Look at my new hat!
Then we went to the Olivas house with Keyril and ate some glace italianooo! mmmm miam miam.  c'etait super (it was super)! We did an exchange and during the exchange we were invited to go to Versailles to go see the BYU folk dancing team perform.  It wasnt really a performance but we got to talk to them for like 2 hours after which was fun.  Its weird how many connections there are in the world and how small the world really is.  I miss talking to people in English, I have to say.

La Glace!
All the stuff we threw out after cleaning our apartment...
 We played soccer this week with some members of our ward, less actives, and investigators which was a lot of fun.  But the fact that I can't play soccer made me sit on the side and read the Book of Mormon.  Then another guy named Cedric came and sat by me and I started talking to him.  He was really cool.  We started looking up pictures of hedgehogs and dogs. Yup good times.  Gotta love it when you meet a friend like that.  He had just gotten baptized in Paris lilas and now he is planning on going on a mission. Pretty cool stuff.  And then other than that Didi is still a boss inviting the world to be baptized.  We went over to another of his friend's house and we met with her.  He is seriously amazing.  He does more missionary work in a week than like 99% of members do in their lives.  It's awesome!  He is the miracle of my mission.
Me being Suave

The Grande Arche of Defense (with Elder Esparza)
Other than that Lawsom went on vacation in the south so we'll pick up his date again when he gets back.  And Keyril is still going strong. Anyways all is well here in St. Ouen byeee! Hope you have a good week. Byeeee
Stop! Here is the land of death 
The Catacombs!
So many bonesssss!! 

Like All Teenage Boys, His Mind is on His Stomach


This was a pretty funny week.  First of all we made SUSHI!! Yummm!  It was pretty dang good.  And it looked wonderful.  I'll send pictures next week.  Funny story.  We went to the China Town of Paris to buy the ingredients for the sushi.  Everything was in mandarin though so just imagine two lost missionaries not understanding anything.  So we found all the ingredients except the rolling mat for the sushi.  I found something that looked kind of like it.  It was "bamboo-ish".  And I brought it to the counter and asked if this is what I use to roll sushi.  She just looked at me like I was crazy hahaha.  And then "..... no. That's upstairs.... Those are noodles! Hahahaha"  And then we all laughed together.  It was pretty funny.  

Sitting down for dinner!
Our home-made sushi!
Today we went and saw some giant letters that said paris and then after people from Tahiti came and we ate lunch with them.  We went to this place and (even though I am against it)  I ordered the biggest yummiest burger I saw and inhaled it.  I haven't eaten out in like 1 year.  Freaking gosh it was good.  But I'm already still hungry. Then we went and site-saw the Toys R Us because it's really cool here. 

Me on the Giant Letters!
Awkward Pose...
As for our amis.  No new ones yet.  Keyril is still being awesome.  We might move his baptismal date one week forward because we're already pretty much done with all the lessons. Wasn't a very eventful week.  But did you know that Bora Bora speaks French.  Cause I didn't!  Now I realize the importance of me learning French. Bye!
All you can eat Chinese and Sushi buffet! (Asian fussssiiiooonnn)
Yummy Grocery Store Sushi

I'm a bit behind...

July 21;

Really sorry but this one wont be too long. :/  Elder Esparza just left today to go to St. Omer which is a tiny little city up north.  So now we are two!  It's a ton of fun.  I like being in three as well though.  But being in two is much more productive. :)
Old Companion
Okay, so this week we got another baptismal date! WOO.  His name is Keyril and he has already gotten to Ether in the BOM.... let me say this again.  He's already practically done with the BOM. He's amazing and I'd call him a miracle for us.  He's getting baptized the 16th of August.  Last day of the transfer.  Then there is Lawsom who was a referral from the south.  We fixed a date with him during the lesson when we helped him recognize his response that the church is true.  He said he just feels something different about the members and the doctrine.  He used to be Catholic and he said he understands NOTHING about the doctrine and he felt nothing from it.  Kind of like you mom, when you joined the church.  He came to church this week.  He's a great guy. So right now its scheduled for the 2nd of August but we might have to change that. So maybe the next week or same as Keyril.  I don't know.  
Me at the Eiffel Tower
Next thing.  It's sooooo hot here!  We come home and we are soaked underneath our clothing.  The heat here is about the same in North Carolina but we are forced to wear long pants.  Never have and never will like a dress code.
More Eiffel Tower!

Today, we played soccer with a ton of kids by the Eiffel Tower.  It was so much fun.  We also saw the statue of liberty. Other than that we had some good other lessons and Didi is a boss!  He invited different friends over every Saturday for us to teach the first lesson.  And he has such a strong testimony.  You can see his friends feeling the spirit when he explains it to them.  They are mostly from cape verde so they speak some French and Portugese.  It's amazing when people invite their friends.  Someone who usually would have absolutely no interest in our message to someone who is very interested just because they have a friend.  Okay that's it.  Have a good week.  Ciao!

Us Playing Soccer 
The Three Companions
WHAAAATTT Our Lady Liberty!