Thursday, February 12, 2015

Snow! and Galette

February 9, 2015


This was the typical week of a mission.  We have been traveling out to other villes in our area and have been seeing lots of success.  We met a few people in the ville next to Namur called Gemloux.  One in particular is Pascal.  We did the whole restoration and started the Book of Mormon with him.  Afterwards he said, "wow...that was not the kind of rendez vous I was expecting."  Ahahah made me laugh.
Serious snow.  Park City status.  In the valley near Namur.
Galette des rois et comme d'habs I won:)
Then we visited our amie that just had surgery on her ribs.  Then the next day we visited our other nex amie Peace.  She is married to a rich belge man who is 30 years older than her and she had two kids.  She also has one of the worst drinking problems I have ever seen.  She reminds me of Whitney Houston, very beautiful but weak when it comes to self discipline.  We taught her the word of wisdom as the first lesson.  Never done that before but man did she need it.  Sadly she was kind of drunk when we met:(.  But she called me and told me that when her sons got home they read the brochure together and they all agreed it was truly the word of God.  Again the word of wisdom is my favorite commandment.  Just seeing how much people suffer from not obeying it is such a proof to me.  Ruins lives and in Peace's case, it's kind of ruining her marriage and family.
Me and my widdle friend...:)
Back in Nogent I got an email saying that the family that me and Elder Meng started teaching just got baptized!  All four of them:)   The only one that didn't was Kevin.  And he was completely not interested so that didn't shock me.  Really sad I wasn't there:(  And that's it.  Peaceeeeee

Staying in Namur

February 2, 2015


So my comp and I will be staying together again which I'm pretty excited about because we work well together and we're seeing some cool stuff.  Last week I didn't write but I remember we found two new amis de l'eglise.  We also went to Paris for my comps legality.  He hadn't even seen the Eiffle Tower so I decided to give him the FULL tour of Paris.  Since we were there for a day and the legality only took like an hour.  We went to all the big sites.
Ehh man mi name es Bigelot yaaa
Chateau Neuf
L'arc de la defense
L'arc de...chais pas
Le Louvre
This week we had our amie Charlotte come to church.  She is an awesome girl who is seriously looking for the truth.  She's not like all the other girls you see around.  She cares about helping others and wants to go to Asia to help people and be a missionary.  The ward loved her and she was well accepted.  We have a lesson with her this week.  We're moving in the right direction and I really hope she realizes that this is the ONLY true church on earth.
L'arc de triomphe
Notre Dame

We have also been voyaging out to other villes which has brought a lot of success.  I am excited to be staying here and working in Namur.  And Sunday we went over to a member's house with Line, another member, and ate raclette.  They are both divorced and they told us all the gossip of the ward and about their marriages.  Gotta love the members.  Ciaooooo

Stuck In An Elevator

January 19, 2015


What a cool week:)  I'll start with the highlight (joke).  We got stuck in an elevator this week.  Usually that wouldn't be too bad but for someone like me who freaks out in stuck elevators it's kind of bad.  We were with the district leader and his companion.  The DL had a great idea to jump as hard as he could in the elevator even though I said not to and right when he did that I looked over and the elevator said "en panne."  Aka broken.  So while I was freaking out in my head, I stayed really calm.  I called the woman with the button and she sent someone.  But before they came, we forced the first doors open and then undid the hidden latch to get out.  It was nerve wracking for me.  Nothing like facing your worst fears.

Anyways we found three new amis de l'eglise.  We found a family.  Their names are Jessie and James which is just awesome because that's the same as team rochet haha.  She has a pet pidgeon.  Interesting.  I was playing with her dog and telling her how cute it is and then looked over and said "is that a ...pidgeon?"  But they listen and are interested so it was pleasant.  We also met a woman from Africa who lived in Spain and talked to the missionaries in Africa but lost contact.  She lives with her belge husband and they are cool.  I really enjoy talking with her because she listens and asks very thoughtful questions.  She was truly interested and she was nice.

We found an old lady who speaks really good english and she speaks dutch too.  And french obviously.  Sadly she is getting surgery this week and it in the holland mission.  President said we can't visit her but we hope to talk to her when she gets back.  Very nice lady.

We found some good amis and are thankful to have found them too. Also a woman that was randomly extremely nice, and we have a rendezvous with her and a member this week.  We hope that will go well.  Starting to see some results.
Corroy Le Chateau

This Sunday was interesting.  The sacrament meeting was a bit chaotic.  When they started the sacrament they realized they had no bread because no one checked.  So they went frantic but finally found some.  Then a deacon invited a member to bless the bread who doesn't speak very good french.  I couldn't even understand what he was saying and everyone was staring at each other while he was saying it.  Then the normal lady who directs the music stepped out to go see her baby and another woman directed the music.  She was totally off and doing twirls and stuff haha.  It was weird.  But after, we ate at a ukranian members' home.  They are so cool and I really like them.  I got them to teach me some russian but wow that is a difficult to pronounce language.  Very changy in the sounds.  Sounds cool though.  et c'est tout:)  Bonne semaine