Wednesday, July 8, 2015


July 6, 2015


This week we went to a conference in Rennes and I got an IPAD!  It's really cool.  I can show people videos and my family tree and stuff.  What I really like are the new bible videos because they are short and could get people thinking.  And they are in french.

We went to Lamballe with a member and he took us to this reallllyyy cool horse place.  Makes me seriously want a horse.  They can really be beautiful.  And Lamballe is the definition of a french ville.  So nice.

We then went to Lannion to meet a dude that I met on an exchange with a member.  Except he didn't show up...and then he didn't answer the phone.  He had tatoos and piercings.  He didn't say much during the rendezvous but then I called him and he was really excited to see us.  It's sad that he didn't show up.  I'll call him tomorrow though.

Something really funny happened though.  My colleague actually sent a text to the district leader saying "hey we are going to a rendezvous and I'm a little sketched out.  I think he might kidnap us.  If I don't call before 4 then get worried.  PS don't tell Vance.  He is really excited for it."  And then he erased it hahaha.  I found that really funny because the thought actually crossed my mind too.  It was just too weird how he didn't say anything and then he wanted to pick us up from the gare.  But whatever we'll see.

We also moved out of our old apartment completely and we are not officially moved in.  I love this apartment.  Nicest one I've had yet.

We had a lesson with Marie Anna.  She is coming to church next week and is very sweet.  She even listened much better this week.

Also I had some members from Namur visit me which really made my week.  Asians are so awesome!  Bonne semaine!  Elder Vance

at the beach
The Chungs came to visit from Namur:)  They were here for the wedding of Mei's son
Lannion with Elder Sanchez


my apartment

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