Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Namur and Liege

March 2, 2015

Bonjour a tous

What a great week honestly.  Full of surprises.  First I'd like to say that Namur is by far my favorite ville that I have ever been in, members, colleagues, amis, finding, scenery, Belgium, weather, everything.  I feel like this week God has just been dropping people in front of us.  We have had so many rendezvous that we didn't even have time to contact until Sunday.  I won't talk about all of them because that would be super boring but there was a cool thing that happened.  And it just keeps on continuing:  Wednesday morning I think we had a lesson in Rochefort which is a town like an hour away from Namur.  We both slept horribly the night before and then we got to the gare.  Missed the train by four minutes and waited an hour.  Got to Jemeppe and sadly the bus going to Rochefort only passed once an hour except for the hour that we got there...ughhh.  THEN a giant school of children came in the train station and they all crowded me and talked and laughed and ugh.  It was so annoying.  I was honestly just about to tell Bigelow "we are going home."  But we finally got there and they had their friends there.  We taught them all the restoration of the Church and got the numbers of their friends that live in Namur.  One fell asleep though because she went to talk on the phone and when I next saw her, she was snoring on the couch hahaha.  So yeah that was already pretty miraculous.  But then yesterday we saw guylaine that fell asleep on the couch.  She was across the street and I yelled to her but she didn't hear.  So then this morning when we went to the bus stop she happened to be right outside of our apartment...quoi.  What a coincidence huh?  So I got her number and hopefully next week we will see her if we have time:)

I could probably spend the rest of my mission in Namur.  It's so cool here.  Also I really like how the schedule is for the mission.  6:30 is way too early to wake up and honestly just not realistic because I'm still not used to it.  But everything else like working hard six days a week and then having a day to do as you please like shopping, traveling, and laundry and stuff is good.  And also how there is always a certain time for bed.  I feel as though that is really good for your body.  But as you can see, that is a good layout for our lives.  Sure it will be hard, and to be absolutely honest I can't remember normal life, but I will try to apply it when I get home.  Also everyone should go running because it's good for our bodies.  Love you, Elder Devs Vance


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