Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Whitewash no more

June 22, 2015


Seriously what an amazing week this week has been.  When I first got here to St. Brieuc, we literally had no ami de l'eglise.  So it was literally like I was the first missionary coming into the ville.  We call this a whitewash.  So because I like having amis, we decided that we would work as hard as we could to find some people this week.  We had a few cool and funny experiences so I will share them now:

During a porting session, I knocked on a door in a building.  A woman answered the door who looked exhausted as could be.  She had very dark circles under her eyes and could barely keep her eyes open.  I heard a baby screaming.  She told me that it's hard being a single mom (I could see that) and that she believes in God.  We will be going back with a member on Wednesday to teach her.

We were knocking on doors and I walked ahead of my colleague to ring the doorbell.  My colleague was still coming when I turned around and saw this little westie literally staring right at me and not even moving on a ledge.  I had a spaz attack which caused my colleague to run away a bit.  After the scene was over, the dog started to bark.  It was very funny and the lady was a spanish lady who told us we could come back.  My colleague speaks spanish so that's pretty cool.

We knocked on this one door during another porting session and the mother whisked us away saying that in her house there is no God.  Out of nowhere, this little boy shoved his way past his mother and said, "on the other hand, I believe in God" and crossed his arms looking confident as could be.  It was adorable.  The mom responded by saying to him "no no you're too young."  He was a cute little boy and I hope he keeps his faith.

Last night after porting for three hours with not too much success (but a little), I decided to talk to a woman while my colleague was wondering away.  I told her that I am from America and then she grabbed me on the arm and said "yes and I know you're a jehovas witness as well."  I told her that I am not and said that I am mormon.  She responded "well that's even worse."  She told me that she would never be mormon and then we discussed some of her issues.  I told her that we came here by choice and not be force and she seemed touched.  We then said a prayer and I prayed that her husband in the hospital would get better and afterwards she seemed really touched again.  If anything we showed her that we are nice and respectful people (there are always exceptions but for the most part I hope).  Before we left she told us that she lives on the ocean and that we should come over and drink some orange juice.  I thought it was a joke at first so I was hesitant to answer but then I said yes and she gave us her info.  Chouette!

We also made a rendezvous with a guy that said we could come back and talk to him another day.  Well the day came and a woman called us to go help her with her garden.  Since I was so used to just contacting every day it didn't even cross my mind that we actually had a lesson.  So we went and then I realized we forgot.  We ran over there and I apologized a lot.  He seemed hurt and was really expecting us to come over.  Thankfully we set another rendezvous with him for Tuesday.  Ughhh.  I was so mad at myself.  I did the one thing that I just can't stand.  I missed the rendezvous.  I won't be making that mistake again.

God blesses us when we do what He asks with a sincere heart.  Bonne Semaine, Elder Devin Vance

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