Thursday, January 19, 2017

Two more weeks

August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

So there are only two weeks that are left on my mission...weird.  Alencon is an awesome ville.  I am so happy that I was sent here because it has been a great experience so far.  We have a couple of baptismal dates that we got this week and some new amis.  Sadly I won't be here for any of their baptisms but I'm glad I could at least help them.  There is Julie that read the entire Book of Mormon before we even met with her.  It was actually pretty funny.  During one of our render vous I was opening up and stuff and then I turn to Ashcroft and I'm like "so now we're going to explain a bit about the Book of Mormon...wait a've ALREADY READ IT!"  Now she is reading doctrine and covenants and she has a lot of questions.  Very specific ones that can sometimes be extremely difficult to explain.  She started asking about the millennium and what happens to Satan and she thinks really hard.  But it's going very well with her.  She comes to church every week.

And then we have a bunch of other amis but I don't have enough time to write anything else so have a good week.  My comps are awesome and we have a bunch of fun together.  It's awesome!  Elder Vance

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